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To see is to experience

To see is to experience

Not much beats witnessing the sun ascend at dawn, the colours transform the sky into a work of art, not soon to be forgotten. As unforgettable is being surrounded by family, watching how they smile and laugh, unaware of the attention. It is said that we know the faces of our friends better than our own. Sight is unifying, it makes one part of the plenty, weaves us into our context and amplifies our emotions thousand-fold. At GLAS we agree on one thing, to see is to experience.

Recall a memory, vivid and powerful. If you were to reach out, you’d almost be able to hold it in the palm of your hand. Let it resurface, relive it. Let all your senses awaken, remember how it felt, what you heard, what you saw. Perhaps it was the time you celebrated your birthday. Colourful fairy lights glimmered underneath the white tents you spent the morning assembling. Blazing torches lined the garden path, and every now and then they would crackle and let out sparks. You still remember the anticipation before the guests arrived. Or maybe it was that time you went on a roadtrip with your friends. You leaned out the window and felt the breeze on your face, watched the hills give way to trees. You let out an elated cry, because you were headed somewhere unknown. No matter the memory, no matter the location, your eyes have given you experiences that now make you who you are.

How about a deal? A memory for a memory. I will tell you what the ability to see is to me, and in return you will give me a small piece of you.

A deal is a deal, so here you go. Last year I ventured on a trip to Sardinia, an Italian island tinged by French influences, famous for the most jaw-dropping coastlines in the world. One day I decided to rent a car and drive to Bosa, a renown coastal city where the river meets the sea. When Bosa approached, when it was no longer a speck on the horizon, the word ‘beautiful’ reached new heights. As far as the eye could see, a glittering river made its way through the landscape until the final bend, where it embraced the sea. It separated the ochre red roofs and quaint alleys of the city from the sweeping landscape. Billowing hills adorned with plush trees, like straight from a fairytale. It was magical, dizzying and wonderful.

What’s your memory? A time when you deeply appreciated your sight – and remember how it felt. Follow our instructions on Instagram to win a year’s supply of reading glasses. Click here to land on our Instagram page.

At GLAS we want you to gain the ability to appreciate your surroundings, all the while your surrounding appreciates you and your trending reading glasses. Our glasses create opportunities for you to partake in new memories, something we proud ourselves on. To see is to feel, to see is to experience.


// Team GLAS

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