Reading glasses in strength +1 to +3
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What we believe in

We believe leaving the world better than when we came to it. Therefore, we have created glasses that are sustainable in several aspects. We believe our materials should have as little impact on the climate as possible, working conditions for employees in the production chain should be fair and and we believe in creating quality glasses that are designed to last.

What we create

Today, reading glasses are mostly produced from petroleum and are therefore essentially non-renewable. The lifespan is short, the style is lacking, and our planet is harmed. We recognize the need for glasses that are designed, produced and consumed in a way that is sustainable socially, economically, and environmentally.

Sketch: Kiara
Kiara under production

Together with Mazzucchelli, a family-owned factory in northern Italy, we have created a high quality frame that is completely free of chemicals and harmful additives. The material is biodegradable in 110 days. This allows your frame to be recycled once you have finished using it. The lenses comes in the strengths +1 to +3 and are treated for easy cleaning and is glare resistant.

How we create it

Glasses have a long history of being unreasonably expensive, largely due to the steps separating producers from consumers. We have  eliminated the traditional stages of the supply chain, which allows our glasses to be more accessible. Working directly with our factory allows us to produce stylish, premium, glasses at a reasonable price

Kiara ready to wear

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